Public Community Events

When it comes to event planning, low attendance can be one of the worst feelings. Even if your event is free, poor publicity can lead to an absence of attendees and disheartened spirits. Fortunately there are plenty of outlets available for making your event known. Social media has made it possible to spread information instantly to large specific groups of people, and empower them to share your event. If you book through us, our event software allows for easy event sharing by consolidating the details of your event in an easy one click Facebook integrated post.

If you have an upcoming public event in the Northwest, we would be happy to host information about your event here. It doesn’t matter if we didn’t plan your event or if you haven’t rented items from us, we support community interaction in the support of community health and growth. If the opportunity to share your event here interests you, please email us to get in touch with our blogging team. For other tips on boosting event attendance, check out this post entitled ‘Show Up!

Happy Planning!