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Ultra-Lounge (LED Everything)

Here, if it glows, it belongs. This, of course, if the Ultra-Lounge. Your hypnotic, glowing headquarters for fun and funk. LEDs have exploded in recent years, a welcome development for event planners. LEDs are, after all, a more compact, less heat-emitting and energy-sucking alternative to traditional lighting. Plus, they’re incredibly flexible. Some LED lighting can be bent, while other types can change color in the flash of a second. Some LED usage will liven up any party, but a party that is LED themed? That’s one bright idea.

Here are a few of my favorite inspirational images from around the world of event planning.


LED juggling and stilt-walking mimes. Need I say more?

glowing LED jugglers
glowing LED stilt-walking mimes


Hanging LED lights in hypnotic patterns, and wall-mounted flexible LED tubes pack a visual punch.

hanging fiber optic LED ceiling decorations
glowing neon wall decorations

glowing LED wall decorations


Light-up LED tables don’t even need a centerpiece to look incredible! This event planner added some anyway.

glowing LED tables

Now that’s a pool party. Illuminated pool chairs. Who woulda’ thought?

glowing fiber optic LED pool chair


No, you don’t need to ask for an increase on the corporate credit card for some light-up gizmos. Lots of LED fixtures can be rented. Here are a few of our favorites:

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