Trade Shows & Activations

Custom Trade Show Displays

Stand out in a sea of exhibitors with National Event Pros. We design and craft custom trade show displays that not only highlight your brand’s uniqueness but also captivate attendees. Whatever the industry, the importance of creating an impact and space for your brand within a sea of industry competitors will always remain. Your brand has a story that demands to be told. Our team will work alongside yours to create an expo booth, a trade show exhibit, or a pop-up shop to bring your story and your vision to the masses.


Craftsmanship meets innovation at National Event Pros. Our fabrication services bring your vision to life with precision, utilizing a range of materials and techniques. From intricate structures to grand displays, we ensure your display is both functional and visually stunning.


Behind every successful trade show and activation is meticulous planning. Our team collaborates closely with you to understand your objectives, target audience and brand essence. From there, we can help with all of the small details intregral to seeing success from your trade show appearance. We help with contract negotiations, event registration, exhibitor layouts & placement, branding, decor and more! Whether we help you in part or in whole, we will be there to help you see the highest return on investment as possible!


Smooth, hassle-free, and timely – that’s how installations should be. Our expert team ensures that every element of your trade show booth or activation is set up to perfection, ensuring you’re ready to shine when the show begins. We work with show management, off-site warehouses, transportation services and show schedules to make sure your booth is up and running when the show starts and your experience is hassle-free.

Activity Design & Planning

Engagement is key in tradeshows and activations. We conceptualize and design interactive activities that not only draw attendees in but also ensure they interact meaningfully with your brand. From immersive tech integrations to hands-on experiences, we craft activities that are both fun and impactful.

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