Full-Service Event Production: Live Hosted Activities for Virtual Events

Full Event Programming. Meeting Hosting. Team Building.

Being kept at home or just want to bring together teams dispersed across the city, country or world? Our virtual experiences have the diversity and flexibility to bring a change of pace to any team struggling to keep people engaged. Whether you need full event programming, short and sweet team building activities, or something completely unique let us take care of it. Turn key ready, customized, it doesn’t matter. We can build it.

Game Show

Our virtual game show option is the perfect team-building activity for reigniting some friendly competition amongst remote coworkers, conference attendees, friends, and family. Host up to 2000 players simultaneously. Custom shows, branded content and set available.

Virtual Game Show


May the best Trivia wiz win! Much like our virtual game show, our virtual trivia activity is a great way to reunite remote coworkers, conference attendees, and guests through hosting a classic trivia hour.

virtual trivia with live host

Magic Show

Let our Magicians and Illusionists challenge your sense of what's possible through your computer screen with engaging magic shows with crowd participation. Optional magic workshops available for your team to learn a few trade secrets.

Escape Room

Time to challenge your mind and step into a new reality outside of your living room. Challenge your group with the perfect team building activity.

Live Music

From fireside acoustic to dueling pianos, add some live music to your team event.


Hit the reset button and refresh with your team, attendees, or guests with a guided meditation workshop.



Virtual yoga classes make a great addition to a meditation workshop or as a stand alone activity to enjoy with your team, attendees, or guests. Custom yoga mats and care packages are also available upon request.

Virtual yoga class - 2


Our Bingo experience can be customized from the host down to the bingo cards and content of the game itself to fit the desires of any client.

Screenshot_2021-01-04 Bingo Card


Host a virtual crafting workshop where remote employees, attendees, and families can take a break from the daily grind and flex their creativity.

  • Terrarium Building
  • Mug Decorating
  • Flower Crowns
  • Make Your Own Wreath
  • Tree Ornament Building
  • Snow Globes
  • Beading
  • Tea Blending
  • Macrame Keychains
  • Beeswax Candle Making
  • Cookie Decorating
  • Hot Cocoa Crafting
  • Gingerbread House Decorating
  • Custom Wood Art
  • Door-Hanging Decor
  • Branded Shadow Box
  • Ombre Canvas Art
  • Leather Luggage Tags
  • Custom Light-Up Luminaries
  • Inspirational Power Word Light Blocks
make your own tea blend
Gingerbread House Decorating
build your own terrarium
Hot Chocolate Station 10
Cookie Decorating Group Activity
Beeswax Candle Making
terrarium building experience
Build Your Own Snow Globe
Decorate Your Own Mug
Macrame Keychain DIY

Meeting Hosting/Management

Need help figuring out the logistics of a worldwide meeting, or maybe you just want to focus on your meeting and need someone to do the behind the scenes work. We can provide and manage the platform, plan your meeting to the minute, coordinate speakers, or just be there to provide support.

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