$30 million. That’s the average cost of a waterpark, according to The Park Database. And a waterpark outing for a family of four? $200 on average. Needless to say, the wonders of water come with a pretty price tag. So what if you could treat your employees, family members, or fellow alumni to a waterpark it your own backyard, parking lot, or venue of choice? Through the magic of inflatables, you can.

Wow Them with Waterslides

When gravity combines with water, the results are slippery–and exhilarating. The same feeling we get from million-dollar structures at theme parks can be had for a day, thanks to inflatable water slides. Our own collection features some of the tallest and fastest in the industry. Here are a few of our favorites:

100-Foot Blue Crush Xtreme Water Slide

Water Slide Rental

Single-Lane Slip n’ Slide

Water Slide Rental

Tropical Inflatable Water Slide

Water Slide Rental

Establish Some (Intentional) Obstacles

Heights aren’t for everyone. But inflatables? There’s one for everybody. For those members of your gathering less thrilled about the thrill of heights, inflatable obstacle courses offer adrenaline without elevation.

Mega Obstacle Course Challenge

Water Slide Rental
At ninety-one feet in length, this bold and bright behemoth requires two staff members and has as the throughput of 120 guests per hour.

Crash Course Obstacle Course

Water Slide Rental

What’s more than sixty feet long, infinite in shape, and racing themed? The aptly named Crash Course obstacle course.

Black Ops Obstacle Course

Water Slide Rental

This more reasonably sized obstacle course ditches primary colors for brick and stone, yet still has a throughput of 120 guests per hour.

Pirate’s Revenge Obstacle Course

Water Slide Rental

Our kid-friendly red-and-black obstacle course is low to the ground and packed with pillowy thrill.

Midway Amusement Park Obstacle Course

Water Slide Rental
What do you get when you cross an amusement park with an obstacle course? This. You get this: a whimsical and winding inflatable funhouse that will have your attendees looking on in awe.

Don’t Forget the Games (or Prizes)

Replicating the joy of the theme park requires more than just rides. The atmosphere of the theme park is created in the in-betweens. Among them, the famed carnival games. Who doesn’t love carrying around an oversized plush prize? Our collection of our carnival games brings the prize-winning potential to your own location:

Dunk Tank

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Seal the Deal with Comfort Food

All of that running around will make a person hungry. Now is your chance to serve some of America’s favorite carnival food. Looking for some menu inspiration? Look no further: