Candy Land game board

It’s one of the best-selling board games of all time; nostalgia in a box. Loaded with characters, colors, and imaginative locations. Could there be a better collection of inspiration for the theme of your next party? Not that we can think of. In this post, we’ll take a journey down the Candy Land road, offering our ideas for transforming each imaginary location into real-life event gold.

The Grand Entrance

Candy Land game pieces

The beginning of Candy Land is marked by one thing. Can you guess what it is? Game pieces! Make life-size game pieces to mark the entrance. Oh, and nothing says, “Start here” like “Start here.”

First stop: Gingerbread Plum Trees

gingerbread man Christmas tree decoration
Image by Michael Bentley

There are a few ways to make a Gingerbread Plum tree. One idea is to rent artificial trees, then hand a mix of gingerbread cookies and plums in the branches. Have a bigger budget? Hire a baker to create giant tree-shaped gingerbread cookies.

Next up: Peppermint Forest

candy cane forest
Image by Roxanne Ready

Your gingerbread trees should now transform into giant candy canes. If it’s not Christmas season, great news: oversized candy canes can be found on the cheap.

Shortcut! Rainbow Trail

rainbow road Candy Land street decoration
Image by Victor Ramos

Yes, Gumdrop Mountains are coming up soon, but first, a rainbow floor decal leads the way to a shortcut straight to Peanut Brittle House!

Now approaching Licorice Castle

Cover a play house in licorice sticks. Use rubber gloves and temporary adhesive or twine to adhere the sugary sticks onto your “castle.” This way, everything remains edible. The perfect take-home gift!

Gumdrop Mountains

giant gumdrop party decorations

Okay, this one may take some prop-making. But boy, will the result be spectacular. Giant styrofoam capsules, spray painted in bright colors, then covered in glitter. Now, stack them high and proud.

Peanut Brittle House

A Peanut Brittle House is easier to make than you think. A simple plywood structure can be easily painted to look like peanut brittle. For continuity, it just needs a bright purple door. Next, have a staff member dress as Gramma Nutt for the final touch.

Let’s go the woods…Lollipop Woods!

giant lollipop party decorations

Ready to call in that favor from your friend with a minivan? Oversized lollipops are about to take over your storage room. Think bright, sparkly, and BIG. Just be prepared for lots of “can I have one of these??” to follow.

Molasses Swamp

Candy Land molasses swamp

Don’t worry! We’re not going to suggest that you sacrifice months of sticky shoes for this one. Quite to the contrary: Purchase a shiny brown temporary adhesive, then apply it to the ground in an organic, rounded shape. Surround the “swamp” surface with fake grass and stones.

You’ve finally arrived! Candy Castle

candy castle
Some inspiration from Disney.

Save the best for last. The Candy Castle is the ultimate destination. You’ve won the game! One idea: wait to reveal this “destination” until the last hour of the party. This would be an excellent place to serve dessert. And if you have a willing CEO, dress her up like King Candy. There’s no better photo op than a candy throne!

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