100 Creative Event Themes

Tasked with choosing a theme for your next party? Time to get innovative. Your theme will inform everything from your catering menu and decor to musical playlist and venue selection. Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t. We’ve collected our favorite theme ideas from our three decades of event planning experience for your theme-selecting pleasure.

Escape from Earth

#1 Life on Mars

By 2028, a Mars-themed party could have a very different meaning. With visionaries like Elon Musk actively plotting to make visits to Mars a reality, Mars mania is everywhere. And while generations to come may literally party on Mars, for now, recreating the reddish planet will do just fine. Here’s how to bring the elusive sphere to life.

#2 Galaxy

Here, gravity is optional, time is unknown, and guests are invited into an evening of mystical, glowing spectacle. Who needs a planetarium when you can install one in your exhibit hall? Let guests name their own stars for a souvenir they can’t keep or contain, but will certainly remember. For a little gravity-defying fun, cover the ground in small trampolines.

#3 Alien Invasion

Another out of this world event theme is Alien Invasion. Create a movie night featuring the best of sci-fi with E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, host a costume contest, transform any venue into an out of this world experience.

#4 NASA/Space

Ever wondered what I would be like to join a team at NASA? Create a space themed event featuring anti-gravity games and attractions like our Human Gyroscope Ride. Enjoy a collection of virtual reality experiences centered around space. Provide astronaut food and jumpsuits to complete the effect.

Inspired by Hollywood

#5 Night at the Oscars

The red carpet! The glitz! The glamour! The touching speeches! The familiar faces! Would you believe us if we told you we were describing your next company party? Yes, you can have your very ownOscar night. Whether an actual simulcast of the Academy Awards or simply an Oscar-season bash, this party is sure to please.

#6 Classic Hollywood

It was the golden era of film: the stars wore fur, the films followed fresh storylines, and the streets of Hollywood were sparkling with class–or so we say today. Classic Hollywood is as much a fixture in the American imagination as it was a real era of cultural excellence. But for our purposes, the dream is as good as anything.

#7 Space Jam

The 90’s classic Looney Toons-Michael Jordan mashup movie makes for a perfect Space Jam theme event. Check out these looney ideas! A slam-dunk theme for your next basketball fundraiser.

#8 Alice in Wonderland

Tea parties are typically for the well-to-do. High Society’s version of a happy hour. Tiny sandwiches and fancy teas that neither ruffle one’s feathers nor messy one’s attire. But a tea party dreamed up by Lewis Carroll is not your typical tea party. The imaginative mastermind behind Alice in Wonderland, Carroll’s idea of a tea party is one that defies time, immerses its audience in a mirage of psychedelic colors, and replaces formality with heavy doses of whimsy. In short, an Alice-themed tea party is a party for everybody.

#9 Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Few movies have held as much cultural significance as Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Although filmed decades ago, the iconic film still inspires Halloween costumes, pop songs, and wardrobes to this day. A Tiffany’s breakfast party is a glamorous affair. Here are a few ideas for throwing a party fit for Holly Golightly.

#10 Lord of the Rings

An engrossing plotline, an epic battle of good and evil, gorgeous backdrops and Oscar-worthy costuming. Yes, these are the unmistakable attributes of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. And they could also be the watercooler chatter following your LOTR bash. Such a theme has incredible reach, from children’s birthday parties to corporate gatherings. Ready for the journey?

#11 Wizard of Oz

Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue. And events are magical. A Wizard of Oz-themed party opens the door to a myriad of spectacular options for catering, decor, and entertainment There’s no place like home—but a magical party is a great alternative.

#12 Harry Potter/Hogwarts

Every child who read JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series dreamt of the day they would receive their official Hogwarts acceptance letter and be whisked away to pursue a life of wizardry and magic. Invite guests by issuing them their very own Hogwarts letter. Host a movie night where guests can relive the magic and the nostalgia. Provide treats like chocolate frogs and Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans.

#13 James Bond

Three words. Two periods. One unmistakable legend. Bond. James Bond. The man also known by three iconic numbers has been played by a total of seven different actors over more than five decades. The movies smash box office records and the soundtracks live on for years after the rentals die off. And the 007 mystique? It makes for a knockout party theme.

#14 Back to the Future (Time Travel)

Let’s throw an eighties party. No, a fifties party. No, wait, a futuristic travel party! How about all three? Take your guests on a journey Back to the Future and you’ll do just that. The iconic characters, memorable lines, and inventive settings of the legendary trilogy literally have something for everybody.

#15 Austin Powers

Experience one of the classic retro-inspired action/comedy series with an Austin Powers-themed event. Perfect for fans of the series as well as the era of disco. Transform any venue into a funky disco themed getaway, create a movie night featuring all of the best Austin Power’s movies, have guests come in their best Austin Power’s inspired attire, and celebrate by going back in time.

#16 Avatar

Creative Event Themes Avatar

Experience the beautiful alien world of Pandora with an Avatar-themed event. James Cameron’s Avatar was not only a monumental success but the beautiful and captivating world of the Na’vi has been a dream destination for many since it’s debut on the silver screen.

#17 Bat Cave

It’s a subterranean headquarters few people have ever ventured into. It hides beneath the mansion of the man whose secret identity gives it its name. And it’s up to you to recreate it. Welcome to the Batcave: The underground lair with the secret entrance and a mystique only Bruce Wayne could pull off.

#18 Up

Disney’s Up stole the hearts of many back in 2009 when the adventures of Carl Fredricksen, a 78-year-old balloon and boy scout Russell embark on a journey to fulfill Carl’s life long dream. This unlikely duo shows us the power of friendship and the beauty of going on an adventure. Host your very own UP themed adventure with a movie night, a UP themed scavenger hunt, balloon artists, and more.

#19 Titanic

The word blockbuster had never been truly defined until James Cameron’s Titanic arrived in theatres in 1997. The movie beat every record in the books at the time, earning $2.18 billion to date. The film had all the markings of a hit: an epic score, A-list actors, and a historical legend. Any popularity the film experienced in 1997 has only been expanded in the years since. And that includes a worthy spot as a popular event theme.

#20 The Polar Express (Holiday)

Before The Polar Express was a blockbuster film starring Tom Hanks, it was a Caldecott Award-winning children’s book. First printed in 1985, The Polar Express has become a holiday classic—and for good reason. The whimsical, dreamlike illustrations that chronicle the story of a boy who takes a train to the North Pole embodies the spirited dreams of the child in us all. What could be a better platform for your next holiday party? Here’s our take on turning the holiday classic into a party.

#21 Jurassic Park

Dinosaur and adventure enthusiasts all have a place in their heart’s for the Jurassic Park series. Provide each guest with a pack of adventure supplies for the evening, host a scavenger hunt, or a Jurrasic Park movie night complete with themed treats and drinks.

#22 Gone with the Wind

We have some news for you: Clarke Gable is coming to your next party. Perhaps he’ll be on screen in the background, or perhaps he’ll be embodied by an attendee. But he’s coming alright, and it’s time to prepare. Yes, you’re hosting a Gone with the Wind-themed party. When Hollywood takes 221 minutes to capture a storyline, you know it’s big.

#23 A Christmas Story

RALPHIE!If that single name brings back decades of holiday family movie night memories, you’re not alone. A Christmas Story is one of the most popular holiday movies of all time. To an event planner, that means one thing: perfect party theme. Parties that elicit fond memories are hard to beat, and although not everyone has memories of Ralphie sticking his tongue to a flagpole, enough do for a formidable foundation of fun.

#24 Night at the Museum

The movie Night at the Museum is the perfect movie for all ages combining comedy, adventure, and lots of historical icons. Host your very own Night at the Museum by renting out space at one of your favorite museum spaces in your area, provide arts and crafts, a movie night, and more.

#25 The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is an iconic 1925 novel written by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald inspired a few classic films and gave a peek into the glitz and the allure of the roaring twenties. What a better theme for an event than a classic work of American literature? Guests can celebrate by attending in their best twenties inspired attire, celebrating at an elegant venue with delicious food and drinks while enjoying a screening of the films or dancing the night away.

Travel the World

#26 Spirit of Adventure

Celebrate the adventurous spirit within us all by hosting an event centered around travel and chasing one’s dream. Include cuisine from all around the world, a raffle or contest to win an all-inclusive stay at a beautiful vacation destination, and allow guests to experience fun event attractions like our mobile zip line, rock climbing wall, and human gyroscope ride.

#27 A Night in Paris

What comes to mind when someone mentions Paris? Perhaps the picturesque scenery, the legendary music, or the captivating design and culture. Could there be a better list of ingredients for a party? Well, there’s one that stands above the rest: the food. Put on your French hatberet and prepare to salivate. Need we say it? It’s all about the food.

#28 Around the World in 80 Days

In Jules Verne’s 1873 classic, a man and his valet attempt to circle the world in an attempt to win a £20,000 bet. Their adventures were, then, obviously a work of adventurous fiction. Today, such a feat is actually achievable. And we’re not talking about air travel. We’re talking about party travel. So grab your passport, pack your bags, and prepare to travel the globe in one adventurous night.

#29 A Royal Affair (Great Britain)

Experience the elegance of a royal wedding-inspired event with formal attire, cocktail hats, and high tea at your next event. Create a formal garden party for guests to enjoy tea, brunch, or host a cocktail party with live entertainment.

#30 Bourbon Street

Experience the sights and sounds of the historic street in the heart of the French Quarter of New Orleans. Celebrate with live music, jazz bands, fresh calas, and the best Cajun cuisine.

#31 Times Square (New York City)

Times Square. For those who’ve never been, it’s the most iconic image of New York: a bustling hotbed of never-sleepers, neon signs, yellow taxis, and lots and lotsof advertising. But for those who have ventured to the streets surrounding 42nd & Broadway, another reality is known: the Times Square that is more of a caricature of New York than a fair representation of it. Here is where suburban families can dine at familiar chains like Applebee’s and McDonald’s, purchase I heart NY shirts, and wave behind the glass of Good Morning America.

#32 Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

It’s not the destination but the journey and the people we meet along the way. Celebrate those people and the journey with a travel-inspired event. Have guests enjoy inspired cuisine, enter for a chance to win an all-expense paid vacation to a dreamy destination or plane tickets. Host a build-a-bike charity event.

#33 I Like to Ride My Bicycle

Host a build-a-bike charity event, have guests participate in a bike race, raffle off a brand new bike, or host a company brunch and biking excursion. Getting outside and spending time with company is a timeless theme for any event.

#34 Bon Voyage

“Good luck and bon voyage!” Send guests to a retreat that they will never forget, celebrate at a serene remote location for a dinner underneath the stars, or enjoy a night at sea with guests.

Creative Event Themes

#35 The North Pole

It’s high season—at the North Pole. Elves are working their magic, clocking overtime as their hammers send sparks into their air and their cocoas send steam into the heavens. The holidays just weeks away and the frenzy is truly something to behold. And replicate. Whether planning next year’s holiday party, or a Christmas in July celebration, we’ve found no theme on Earth quite as festive as the North Pole.

ice bar couple

#36 African Safari

Celebrate the spirit of adventure and the natural beauty of the world’s wildlife by offering a chance to win a trip and an African safari at your next charity event or corporate gathering.

#37 Tuscan Nights

Good wine, a fine selection of artisan cheese, live music, and an evening beneath the stars at a local vineyard is an outing perfect for those who wish to bring all the elegance and fun of a Tuscan villa to their next event.

Time Travel

#38 Disco Fever

With event themes centered around music one cannot skip revisiting the era of Disco Fever. Guests can dance the night away in their funkiest disco attire, participate in costume contests, enjoy a candy bar of retro treats, and play in a customized throwback  arcade.

#39 Sock Hop/Classic Diner (1950’s)

The fifties provided an era of poodle skirts, jukebox jams, sock hop music, drive-ins, and roller rinks. Plenty of material to host a nostalgic and fun night for guests of all ages.

#40 The Nineties Are Alive

Surely the bell bottom-sporting hippies of the 1970’s thought mid-century modern would never, ever make a comeback. Boy, were they wrong. It takes a generation or two for trends to come back around. The era yesterday’s trendsetters think will absolutely, positively never make it back in vogue? The nineties. And yet, here they come. High waisted jeans, Rachel haircuts and crop tops are creeping back into fashion. For event planners, the era is full of ideas, as well.

#41 Lewis & Clark

The Lewis and Clark Expedition from May 1804 to September 1806, was the first American expedition to cross the western portion of the United States and sparked the spirit of adventure in the hearts of many ever since. Create an elaborate outdoor scavenger hunt complete with treetop courses, zip lines, and obstacle courses to stage a mini adventure of your own.

#42 Gold Rush

On January 24, 1848, a man named James W. Marshall discovered a substance in Coloma, California, that would forever change his life and the lives of the more than 300,000 optimistic Americans that would soon join him. The substance was gold, and the mania became known simply as the California Gold Rush. To this day, it’s an era that elicits thrill in the minds of us all. For event planners, it’s a theme worth sifting for.

#43 The Four Seasons

Every year, our planet shows off four different types of decor, atmospheres, and color palettes. In other words, themes. Four unique themes. Divide your venue into four quadrants and outfit each with catering, decor, entertainment, and music (if space allows) fitting for each season.

#44 Pioneer Days

Ah yes, it was a simpler time. Modern transportation involved a canvas roof and wooden wheels, communicating with distant relatives took weeks, and the hottest industry could be summed up in a single word: gold. The pioneer days may have been simple, but they were anything but boring. For a good ole’ analog time, the modern party planner need only to take a page from the activities of old.

#45 Roaring Twenties

It was the era that produced the Charleston, inspired the Great Gatsby, saw the construction of some of the most breathtaking architecture in the U.S., and exhibited so much enthusiasm (and spending) that it was capped by the Great Depression. It was, of course, the Roaring Twenties, and for you, it’s a party theme that will have people talking.

#46 Rat Pack

Frank Sinatra. Dean Martin. Sammy Davis, Jr. Peter Lawford. Joey Bishop. Their names may be familiar at best today, but they were the A-listers of their time. Trend-setters to a generation. Entertainers—and friends—to dignitaries and presidents. They called them the Rat Pack and their influence in American culture may be forgotten, but is still felt to this day. Give your guests a journey into 1960’s Hollywood with a ticket to your next event and an iconic theme: Rat Pack.

All About Music

#47 Rock the Night Away

Bring the energy of your favorite concert to your next event with live music, performances, and interactive art installations. Transform corporate events, fundraisers, and gatherings into a night everyone will remember.

#48 Elvis

The King of Rock and Roll definitely serves as great event theme inspiration for those fond of the classics and fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

#49 The Beatles

The White Album. Abbey Road. A Hard Day’s Night. The Beatles’ albums are as iconic as they are thematic. Could you ask for a better source for party themes? We think not. Read our tips for throwing a bash fit for John, Paul, George, and Ringo (or a crowd of rockstar employees.)

#50 American Idol (Talent Show)

When the first season finale of American Idol aired on September 4th, 2002, more than twenty-two million Americans tuned in to watch Kelly Clarkson sing “A Moment Like This” amidst a cloud of swirling confetti. It was the epic finale to a phenomenon. A talent show outsourced from Britain that invented a new category of television that is still alive and well today. For many, appearing on one of the shows is an item on the bucket list—one you’re about to check off.

#51 Dueling Pianos

A twist on a classic that will sure to impress guests of all ages and musical tastes, dueling pianos take the joy of a live pianist and doubles the fun.

#52 Karaoke

Karaoke is a staple for any event that needs a little fun. Host a friendly singing competition for prizes and bragging rights as the star singer of the night.

#53 Jukebox Jams

Bring the nostalgia and joy of a classic jukebox to your next event and host a throwback party loaded with all your favorite jams. Bring the old school diner to your event with catering options.

#54 Seattle Grunge

The nineties were something to behold in Seattle. Dive bars vibrated with the sounds of Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Alice in Chains. MTV sent the sounds of a region to the far reaches of the country as parents shook their heads in dismay. The sounds that were born and would live on for decades to come. Perhaps some will even come to life at your next event.

#55 Country Road

It’s the setting immortalized in song; the path between point A and point B on which memories are made, love is found, the past is mourned, and the future is pondered. It’s the country road, a slice of Americana chock full of nostalgia and picturesque party theme potential.

#56 Jazz Club

Far from the elevator music some may associate with it today, jazz was a originally a rebellious, experimental, and even controversial sound. Housing the unmistakable sounds were iconic jazz clubs. They made the perfect hosts for the musical movement decades ago, and they make for one memorable party theme today.

Kids & Family

#57 Construction Site

Listen to a group of 5-year-old boys for long enough, and you’re likely to hear the thrill of a spotted construction vehicle on its way to a site. For a kid’s birthday party, few themes are more important in the mind of a little boy than construction. Here are a few ways to make the party theme come alive.

#58 Superheroes

Suit up and celebrate the inner superhero within with a superhero-themed event perfect for kids of all ages as well as the child within us all. With decades of comic book series and movies to choose from there is no shortage of superhero and super villains to pull inspiration from. Host a costume contest, allow guests to put their skills to the test solving puzzles, playing games, and racing through obstacle courses. Fly high with our mobile zip line.

#59 Pirate Party

Arrr, matey! You’re invited to enjoy an evening on the water. Well, on a boat. No, it’s not in the Hamptons. Or at the beach. And no, you don’t need a swimming suit. But you might need an eye patch. And a sword. Yes, you guessed it: it’s a pirate party! A pirate-themed party is notjust for kids. Or birthdays. Whether you’re planning a corporate gathering, a family reunion, or anything in between, these ideas will have you speaking pirate in no time.

#60 Dinosaur Extravaganza

Consider these blockbusters: Jurassic Park, The Flintstone Movie, Land Before Time, and Night at the Museum. Some are pure silliness; others, dramatic cinematic masterpieces. And yet they all have one thing in common: dinosaurs. Dinosaurs dot the pajamas of toddlers, dictate the ceiling heights of billion-dollar museums, and employ some of the world’s leading scientists. In other words, they’re a diverse bunch. As such, a dino theme can’t be put in a box. Instead, here are four very different approaches to bringing prehistoric times to your next party or event.

#61 Formal Tea Party

Finger sandwiches, an array of cookies and delicious pastries, and of course a selection of the finest teas can be found at any formal tea party. Host your very own formal tea party and allow guests to make their very own tea blends with a tea blending workshop.

#62 Robots

Beep, bop, boop. They’re the unmistakable sounds of a robot entering the frame of the movie or the set of the show. For generations, robots have intrigued kids and grandparents alike. And as reality catches up with science fiction, the bots are as exciting as ever. Planning a party for kids? “Alexa, do you have any ideas for a robot party theme?”

#63 Comic Book

Bang! Zoom! Pow! Like a comet from the sky, your big event swung into being. Now, the task before you: unlock a theme before time runs out. Why not take a page or two from the very pages that have inspired blockbuster films and award-winning games, decorated childhood rooms, and costumed aspiring superheroes for generations?

#64 Snow Day!

Whether you’re looking to spend a week in a snowy cabin bonding with your team, hosting a whiskey tasting with a side of sledding, or just looking for a spontaneous day of winter fun in your area, there is a snow day reality for you and your guests.

#65 Wild West

Howdy, partner. Welcome to the wild west. You’re about to enter a land of horse-ridin’, gun-totin’, dust-blowin’ fun. This is a theme with some seriously broad range. It can play host to 5-year-old boys or 33-year-old financiers. And its execution can be scrappy or high-dollar.

#66 Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (Everything’s Giant)

Why not host a night where all the activities are oversized, making guests imagine they’ve been shrunken! There are dozens of fun themes you can create for this type of event, from “Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves” to “A Night with the Giants” to “____ Gone Jumbo,” using your company name in the title. Renting giant versions of familiar activities is guaranteed to wow guests of all ages. And the activity options are endless too. Think Giant Hungry Hungry Hippos, Giant Jenga, R.C. car races, Twister, chess, human-sized hamster balls, and Monster Tricycles, just to name a few.

#67 Winter Wonderland

When the colorful leaves of autumn fade away and the snow starts to fall, the season of winter provides the perfect backdrop for many events, especially when creating a winter wonderland of your own. Whether its the middle of winter in snowy Colorado or a sunny day in Southern California with the help of our commercial snow machine and some decor, a winter wonderland can be created just about anywhere.

#68 Carnival

There is a certain special kind of joy that takes place when the carnival comes to town. Nostalgia, excitement, and a childlike carefreeness that can be unshakeable for guests of all ages. The carnival can seem like a very intricate web of logistics but with the proper event planning team, you can put together a five-start carnival just about anywhere. Even your very own company parking lot.

#69 Monopoly

Regardless of where you live, we’re all familiar with a few destinations: Park Place, Connecticut Ave, and Boardwalk among them. Their territory may be only a couple inches in area, but they’re some of the most in-demand properties the world over. They’re the fixtures of Monopoly, one of the world’s most iconic board games. For event producers, Monopoly is a no-brainer party theme. From the vibrant colors to the sentimental memories it evokes, Monopoly makes for one heck of a scene.

#70 Pretty, Pretty Princess

What a better theme for kids than a princess themed party. Transform any venue into an elaborate castle, or a beautiful garden tea party where guests can enjoy all their favorite snacks and tea. Guests can dress in their finest princess attire, watch all of the classic princess movies, and enjoy tons of arts and craft activities.

#71 Wonder Woman

Similar to a princess theme but with a bit more a crime-fighting edge, its Wonder Woman. Have guests create their own capes as part of their arts and crafts activity, set up an obstacle course, and take to the skies on our mobile zip line course.

#72 Lego Extravaganza

On a workbench in 1932, a brand was born that would inspire generations of living room floor architects and engineers. Its name was Lego, and its full significance wouldn’t be realized for many years. Its impact on culture has continued for decades. And the inspiration sparked by a pile of the colorful bricks makes them an ideal theme for your next fun-loving party.

Focus on Food

#73 Candyland

The nostalgic and colorful world of Candyland is more than just a classic board game for friends and family. Bring the whimsy of Candyland to your next event with custom decor, a pop-up candy shop, and chocolate dessert bar, and board game themed scavenger hunt where guests can win prizes. Cookie decorating is also a great hands-on activity for all ages.

#74 Summer Picnic

Create a summer picnic to remember with an endless selection of obstacle courses, mobile ziplines, carnival rides and attractions. Stage a cookout and provide a beer garden for guests of legal drinking age and provide arts and crafts for guests of all ages.

#75 Mardis Gras

We all know Mardis Gras. Beads, parties, food, and festivity. But do you know the backstory? French for “Fat Tuesday,” Mardis Gras is a period of celebration that begins with Three Kings’ Day and ends the day before Ash Wednesday. It originally marked the eating of richer, fattier foods before the fasting season of Lent. Mardis Gras remains widely celebrated to this day, and for good reason. Who doesn’t like an excuse to eat–and party–like a king? So now that you know the why, here are some helpful howsfor planning your next Mardis Gras party.

#76 Make-Your-Own Pizza Party

Imagine you’re five years old. You get to choose any theme for your birthday party. What do you choose? There’s about a 90% chance pizza is involved. Somewhere, somehow. Pizza is the dream food in childhood, the staple food in college, and the comfort food in adulthood. Almost everyone loves pizza. So what if you threw a party that not only served pizza but focused on it intently. Meet, the BYOPP. That is, the build-your-own pizza party.

#77 Cake Decorating Extravaganza

At a cake decorating party, most cakes represent the grand final offering. Sometimes, even a surprise reveal. But what if the cake was the event itself? The activity at the center of the gathering? That’s precisely the idea behind cake decorating parties, a theme that fills the mouths of guests with praise–and sugar.

#78 Taste the World

Experience the flavors from around the world with an around the world themed dinner perfect for any occasion.

#79 Cheese-Making Party

Let’s face it: DIY foodie tasks are appealing, intriguing, and yet too often, completely unrealistic. So what if you could empower your party guests with the experience they’ve been looking for? A DIY culinary art that’s easy to learn, fun to do, and satisfying to complete. You can and you will. And you’re going to do it with cheese.

#80 Build-Your-Own Sundae

For those with a sweet tooth what could be better than crafting your dream sundae? Create a candy bar featuring sweets from throughout the decades, a cookie decorating workshop, and all the ice cream flavors you can think of.

#81 Oktoberfest

Bring the Oktoberfest celebrations right to your next event with a pop-up beer inflatable pub or customized beer garden perfect for any venue large or small. Entertain guests with live music and activities while they enjoy traditional Oktoberfest food and of course all the delicious beer.

#82 Wine Tasting

Even those of us who roll our eyes at the “notes of cherry, hints of sunshine, aroma of wonder” descriptions on a bottle of wine can agree on one thing: a good glass of wine has a way of erasing the busyness of the day. If your team needs a break from the stresses of an especially hectic season, a team wine tasting may be just the ticket.

Team Bonding

#83 Build-A-Bike (Charitable Theme)

When it comes to charitable event themes allowing guests to take a hands-on approach will always provide more meaning as well as memories. Creating a build-a-bike charity event where guests can help build a bike to donate to a charitable cause is just one of the many great ways to do good at events.

#84 Wipeout (Obstacle Courses)

A riff on endlessly entertaining Japanese game shows, ABC’s surprise hit Wipeout is as fun to watch as is rigorous to complete. For all who have dreamed of competing on the obstacle course-driven game, you’re in luck. Our inflatables can turn any corporate parking lot or event venue into a Wipeout-style obstacle course, more than ready for primetime.

#85 Urban Garden Party (Charitable Theme)

Allow guests to get in touch with their green thumbs with a charitable event centered around urban gardening. Whether it’s spending the day with a team building community garden boxes or performing a neighborhood cleanup, getting outside and rolling up your sleeves will always leave one feeling better.

#86 FOUR! (Golf Event)

Whether it’s taking the team out to a driving range, a game of mini golf, or creating your very own event with a fusion of frisbee golf and mini golf, getting outdoors and spending time with guests no matter the sport will always be a great teambuilding opportunity.

#87 Blind Restaurant

Few things are taken for granted like our five senses, and few have more impact in our daily lives. They work as a team, informing our brains of the appearance, texture, sound, taste, and scent of our world. But those who lack a sense often experience heightened senses in other categories. Such is the concept behind dining in the dark. Sight is eliminated, and taste is heightened. The result? A dining experience your guests will never forget.

#88 Tree-Top Course

Getting outdoors is a great way to spend time with employees and nothing works better than getting the adrenaline pumping with a ride on our mobile zip line. If taking a trip to a local treetop course is a bit too far or a bit over budget, bring the fun to your team with our fully mobile zip line course. This is a great standalone activity as well as a great addition to a company gameday or picnic.



What draws thousandsof people to watch cars race around a track, teams of mechanics change tires with lightning speed, and champions chug milk from glass bottles? It must be race day. Or, with a little planning, it could be your company event, birthday party, or retirement celebration.

#90 LED Everything

There is no limit on your imagination. Level up any occasion with your very own LED gaming lounge experience. Explore collections of classic arcade games, the latest and greatest in virtual reality, and more.

#91 Corks N Canvas

Remember the paint, glaze, and fire shops of the 1990s? Friends, dates, or parents and children would decorate their own ceramic mug, serving dish, or plate with glaze, then leave it with the shopkeepers to fire in their kiln. Upon return a week later, their design was permanently emblazoned across their keepsake. Those shops were beloved for a reason. They provided a unique bonding activity, and a tangible item to take home.

#92 Come on Down! (Game Shows)

We all watch with jealousy: the game show contestant that strikes it rich by bidding perfectly, solving a puzzle, or picking the right briefcase. We dream of becoming game show contestants ourselves, being told to “Come on down!” Well, now you have the opportunity to literally make your guests’ dreams come true, by throwing a game show-themed party!

Game Show Experience

#93 Zombie Apocalypse

“That party was dead.” Few occasions can be successfully described as such, but a zombie apocalypse-themed gathering is one such occasion. Zombies have made their way through culture, from sci-fi novels to television and cinema. Now, they’re coming to your party.

#94 Stache Bash

Some event fads come and go. Others live on for years, earning the praise of guests party after party. The mustache party—or Stash Bash—has been entertaining guests for years. But it isn’t finished yet. One benefit of a long-standing theme is that there’s plenty of inspiration available for those who do a little bit of searching.

#95 Stormy Daze

Rain or shine with the right company you can always have a great time. Creating an event that celebrates all the best that a stormy day has to offer- the simple things in life. Host a movie night, allow guests to come in their coziest attire, enjoy comfort food, craft cocktails and warm apple cider for those cold stormy nights.

#96 Hawaiian Luau

Aloha: it’s the catch-all word for good, love, affection, and kindness. What better word to describe an event that offers hospitality, food, and fellowship for colleagues, friends, or family.

#97 Christmas in July

No one knows for sure when Johnny Mathis thought of the lyrics, “We need a little Christmas, right this very minute.” But we suspect it was smack dab in the middle of July. With as many months to go until the holidays as have passed since the last, July can leave even the Scroogiest of Scrooges longing for the merriment the holiday season brings.

#98 March Madness

Basketball fans can’t wait for March Madness to come around. Create your very own March Madness event to celebrate the joy of friendly competition and basketball with your team. Create brackets, host contests, and award some awesome prizes.

#99 A World of Neon

Every generation has a color palette. Some gone in and out of style, like the brown and baby blue disaster of the early 2000’s. But there’s one color palette so compelling that it lives on in a new form every few years. It’s neon, and it’s as alive as ever. You could even say it’s glowing.

#100 Water Park (Inflatables)

A waterpark outing for a family of four? $200 on average. Needless to say, the wonders of water come with a pretty price tag. So what if you could treat your employees, family members, or fellow alumni to a waterpark it your own backyard, parking lot, or venue of choice? Through the magic of inflatables, you can.

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