#81 Oktoberfest

Bring the Oktoberfest celebrations right to your next event with a pop-up beer inflatable pub or customized beer garden perfect for any venue large or small. Entertain guests with live music and activities while they enjoy traditional Oktoberfest food and of course all the delicious beer.

Oktoberfest theme for events

#82 Wine Tasting

Even those of us who roll our eyes at the “notes of cherry, hints of sunshine, aroma of wonder” descriptions on a bottle of wine can agree on one thing: a good glass of wine has a way of erasing the busyness of the day. If your team needs a break from the stresses of an especially hectic season, a team wine tasting may be just the ticket.

Wine Tasting theme for events

Team Bonding

Team Bonding themes for events

#83 Build-A-Bike (Charitable Theme)

When it comes to charitable event themes allowing guests to take a hands-on approach will always provide more meaning as well as memories. Creating a build-a-bike charity event where guests can help build a bike to donate to a charitable cause is just one of the many great ways to do good at events.

Build-A-Bike (Charitable Theme) theme for events

#84 Wipeout (Obstacle Courses)

A riff on endlessly entertaining Japanese game shows, ABC’s surprise hit Wipeout is as fun to watch as is rigorous to complete. For all who have dreamed of competing on the obstacle course-driven game, you’re in luck. Our inflatables can turn any corporate parking lot or event venue into a Wipeout-style obstacle course, more than ready for primetime.

Wipeout (Obstacle Courses) theme for events

#85 Urban Garden Party (Charitable Theme)

Allow guests to get in touch with their green thumbs with a charitable event centered around urban gardening. Whether it’s spending the day with a team building community garden boxes or performing a neighborhood cleanup, getting outside and rolling up your sleeves will always leave one feeling better.

Urban Garden Party (Charitable Theme) theme for events

#86 FOUR! (Golf Event)

Whether it’s taking the team out to a driving range, a game of mini golf, or creating your very own event with a fusion of frisbee golf and mini golf, getting outdoors and spending time with guests no matter the sport will always be a great teambuilding opportunity.

FOUR! (Golf Event) theme for events

#87 Blind Restaurant

Few things are taken for granted like our five senses, and few have more impact in our daily lives. They work as a team, informing our brains of the appearance, texture, sound, taste, and scent of our world. But those who lack a sense often experience heightened senses in other categories. Such is the concept behind dining in the dark. Sight is eliminated, and taste is heightened. The result? A dining experience your guests will never forget.

Blind Restaurant theme for events

#88 Tree-Top Course

Getting outdoors is a great way to spend time with employees and nothing works better than getting the adrenaline pumping with a ride on our mobile zip line. If taking a trip to a local treetop course is a bit too far or a bit over budget, bring the fun to your team with our fully mobile zip line course. This is a great standalone activity as well as a great addition to a company gameday or picnic.

Tree-Top Course theme for events



What draws thousands of people to watch cars race around a track, teams of mechanics change tires with lightning speed, and champions chug milk from glass bottles? It must be race day. Or, with a little planning, it could be your company event, birthday party, or retirement celebration.

NASCAR theme for events

#90 LED Everything

There is no limit on your imagination. Level up any occasion with your very own LED gaming lounge experience. Explore collections of classic arcade games, the latest and greatest in virtual reality, and more.

LED Everything theme for events