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Facebook Seattle’s 2018 Camp Hack-a-thona

It’s that time of year again for those at Facebook. Not just at Facebook Seattle but at Facebook company-wide, there is the long-standing tradition of participating in the annual Camp Hack-a-thona event. Facebook puts on many hacks throughout the year and it is a time for all to come together, learn, grow, compete, and have fun. This year’s Facebook Seattle Camp Hack-a-thona takes place throughout Wednesday, July 18th, Thursday, July 19th, and Friday, July 20th and we at National Event Pros are excited and blessed to have been able to team up with Royces Prop Shop to help transform Facebook Seattle’s office space into a nostalgic camp themed space for all to enjoy.

2018 NEP Facebook SEA HACKATHONA (41)
2018 NEP Facebook SEA HACKATHONA (34)

The Past of Camp Hack-a-thona

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