Food and Drinks

Of course, we cannot skip over the food and drink selection at The Northwest Event Show. It was safe to say that there was no guest leaving hungry after this event because there was no shortage of amazing appetizers, dishes, desserts, beer, wine, drinks, and everything in between. There were food vendors from all around and even a wine country section of the event for all of the wine tasting booths at the event.

plate of appetizers
appetizers cones
mini cocktail display
tray of crackers
poke appetizer display

Countless Cool Displays & Booths

Every booth at the show was just as unique as the vendors who were hosting it, and this year the decor from some of the booths was beyond impeccable. Guests walking through could stumble into an enchanted reading nook, a spooky apothecary lair, a fully functional arcade, and more.

book themed booth
Northwest Event Show
Northwest Event Show
Northwest Event Show
haunted themed booth
spooky themed booth

Photobooths, Event Tech, & More

Last, but definitely not least in addition to all the amazing vendors and venues, were the technology and photobooth vendors at the show. If there is one thing that is certain, it is that the future of events looks brighter and more cutting-edge than ever with endless options to explore for taking your experience to the next level.