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Create Virtual Reality Events in Seattle

Extremely popular now—Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality events—the ability to experience things through an immersive first person perspective. Until recently, technology did not support our ability to create and deploy unique VR interactions. Now you can have your guests or customers experience something truly unique to your event or conference. Learn how you can leverage pre-built VR rentals & experiences, or create a completely customized VR asset for you to use for years to come. Seattle is a Virtual Reality hub, with Microsoft’s development of the HoloLens, and several independent VR development companies headquartered nearby. You don’t want leave this event-changing experience out of your next production – contact us today to learn more about our VR rentals.

Bring VR to Your Next Event
Austin Virtual Reality Rental
Austin Virtual Reality Rental
Austin Virtual Reality Rental

Develop Custom VR Experiences in Seattle

Whether for internal or marketing use, National Event Pros has partnered with leading Virtual Reality development companies to provide Seattle with customized VR Experiences. Can’t book the Space Needle for your event, but want your guests to feel like they are there? We can use 3D mapping capabilities to recreate the Space Needle’s observation deck for your guests to be right there. Trying to find a way to inspire your customers to make a purchase? We can build out applications that allow you to customize your product without having the physical item there. Use a design studio to create every possibility of car, boat, or outfit you company offers—and then have your customers experience that product first hand. See higher conversions than ever without the overhead cost of inventory.

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Seattle Virtual Reality Creative experiences

New Virtual Reality applications such as Google Tilt Brush, focused on creativity and art, are being used on the forefront of events. Have a competition to see who can create the best portrait of your CEO. Create team-building experiences by having multiple individuals collaborate to virtually recreate the Seattle cityscape. We are only just beginning to see what we are capable of creating using this technology. Creativity cannot be forced, but we believe that event experiences like virtual reality certain help to facilitate it.

Competitive Virtual Reality Experiences in Seattle

One of the fastest growing areas of VR is gaming. There are already countless options available for different type of experiences. Fight an oncoming horde of zombies, ride a roller coaster, or fly a plane—right here in downtown Seattle, and make it real (virtually). Bring your game to the next level with full motion simulators. When you see it, hear it, and feel it, Virtual Reality is at its absolute best.

Seattle Virtual Reality Theater

Sometimes interaction isn’t needed to make Virtual Reality really hit home. Setup a Virtual Reality theater at your Seattle event to transport your guests to a helicopter ride over the Puget Sound, explore the Washington coast, or experience the hustle and bustle of Pike Place Market. Your guests can see what they want just by moving their head towards whatever grabs their attention. Choose from existing 360 VR rentals, or work with our production team to make a custom video.

4D motion virtul reality theater
Sit down, put on the 3D glasses, drop the lap bar and go on a wild ride in one of unique animation films. With wind blowing in your face, gentle water sprays and leg ticklers, all while the seat is rumbling.

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As always, Lance and crew were punctual, pleasant, hard working and a pleasure to spend the day with at out event! See you next year!
Tracy, Microsoft
The staff that came to set up and help were wonderful! Four individuals who were very professional, kind, and supportive of our students! I was very thankful and impressed!
Larissa, Northwest University
Adam and Jeffrey were great at the event. Lance and Allie were great to work with in advance to book. Overall a great experience with your company!
Mary-Jo, Avid Events