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San Francisco VR Equipment Rentals and Staffing

In an environment like the Bay Area, packed full of startups, there is a real interest in emerging technologies like virtual reality. We’ve seen groups of engineers enthralled at VR stations that are rented for their corporate and community events. The inquisitive nature of a developer combined with the technical marvel of Virtual Reality platform is a stunning match. By incorporating these types of experiences and games, our Event Partners have reported exponential engagement and increased event retention. Hosting VR activities at an event is more than just equipment delivery; to ensure a fantastic experience, it is critical that hardware is in tested working order, with competent professional event staff present to guide attendees through the game or experience.

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Austin Virtual Reality Rental
Austin Virtual Reality Rental
Austin Virtual Reality Rental

Virtual Reality Gaming Stations

Probably the most recognized and arguably enjoyable experiences available for Virtual Reality platforms right now are VR Game stations. Decades of work have already been poured into graphic processing units capable of rendering 3d images on the fly for video games. This existing foundation of work is being leveraged to create interactive games using a wide array of VR devices. With a large library of games, you can match the experience to the event. Race Formula One cars in a full motion simulator, or ward off the next wave of zombies using an HTC vibe and your virtualized weapons. One of our Event Production Specialists can help identify great gaming options for you specific occasion

Creative VR Experiences in San Francisco

Perhaps gaming isn’t your thing, and you are looking for a more inspired implementation for virtual reality at your SF event. With applications like Google Tilt, your guest attendees can create incredible works of art in 3 dimensions using tools that were previously reserved for 3D animation artists with years of training. Take things a step further and hire professional artists to come create custom art that event attendees can walk through as a type of Virtual Reality gallery. Even the creative apps can be turned into competitive team building activities such as VR pictionary. Stage two groups against each other as they attempt to guess what their teammate is illustrating in the virtual world. Unlock event creativity.

VR Application Development for Business Collaboration and Marketing

Virtual reality event applications are also making their way into the business world with custom development efforts. Our VR development partners have been hard at work building out framework that can be applied to any number of sales conventions or B2C marketing events. Using a VR headset, a customer can now virtually shop through as large of an inventory as you want without needing to transport or pull stock from a physical location. This type of application is leading businesses to cut costs, and improve sales conversions with their potential customers. For internal productivity, custom virtual reality solutions that enable remote productivity gains, such as reviewing in store advertising or product placement without having to travel to physical sites are transforming the way companies evaluate travel needs and de-localized employees. San Francisco may be silicon valley, but these new virtual reality technologies are allowing for highly dispersed, effective workforces.

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SF Virtual Reality Theater experiences

One of the more unique ways you can create shared experiences among event attendees is through the use of VR theaters. Multiple attendees wear a VR headset simultaneously and view the same produced content together. The result is something very similar to going to a movie theater together. While you can’t view the other participants, fellow guests are likely to react in similar ways and hear the reactions of others throughout the content. After the video or production is completed, everyone exits the headsets together, typically immersing themselves in conversation with others who just went through the same experience. It’s a new collaborative way to enjoy entertainment together, and it’s changing the way we celebrate everywhere.

4D motion virtual reality theater
Sit down, put on the 3D glasses, drop the lap bar and go on a wild ride in one of unique animation films. With wind blowing in your face, gentle water sprays and leg ticklers, all while the seat is rumbling.

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Your team was absolutely AMAZING! All of the staff was incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Everyone at the event loved each and every game and they were still talking about it at the office this morning. I couldn’t have managed such a successful event without NEP.
Kathleen, Salesforce
As always, Lance and crew were punctual, pleasant, hard working and a pleasure to spend the day with at out event! See you next year!
Tracy, Microsoft
You all did an awesome job team. Truly appreciate how professional you were before, during and after the event. I know our team appreciated all the work you put into making this event successful for our team. Thank you very much.
Chris, REI