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Wild West

Wild West Themed

Howdy, partner. Welcome to the wild west. You’re about to enter a land of horse-ridin’, gun-totin’, dust-blowin’ fun. This is a theme with some seriously broad range. It can play host to 5-year-old boys or 33-year-old financiers. And its execution can be scrappy or high-dollar. But there are a few things that aren’t up for discussion. So for our purposes today, we’re focusing on the four non-negotiable settings every wild west party absolutely has to have.

Wild West Themed

The Dusty Road

Close your eyes and picture the wild west. What do you see? Chance are, you’re picturing dust. Lots of it. Tan-colored, wind-blown dust. Such a mess would be a disruptive setting for making cocktail chatter, so we recommend making the dusty road your event’s first impression only. If you have an outdoor entryway, sprinkle sand or cornmeal on the ground and toss tumbleweeds back and forth. Really want to make a scene? Box fans and cocoa powder do an impressive job of replicating a sandstorm (though subjecting your guests to such a mess isn’t likely to make you many friends.)

Wild West Themed

The Iconic Saloon

Once inside, treat your cowboys and cowgirls to some ice cold beer in an old world setting. Replicate the look of the iconic saloon with double-swinging doors, a long bartop, and counter stools. Serve beer in frosted glasses and have your bartender play the part, dressing in period attire and asking questions of patrons in character. “So, partner, how was your ride?”

Wild West Themed

Main Street USA

Now that your guests have arrived, it’s time to feed your hungry travelers. If you have multiple food stations, serve your fare alongside the themed storefronts of Main Street USA. Paint backdrops of a bank, general store, barber, and sheriff, then provide coordinating costumes to the catering staff. Have security on hand? You just identified your sheriff.

Wild West Themed

The Hitching Rail (and Horses)

In every wild west classic, there’s a familiar scene outside the tavern, bank, or general store: horses awaiting their owners, tied to a post. It turns out that post has a name: the hitching rail. What cowboys once saw as pure practicality is today–you guessed it–a knockout photo op. If you have the funds, bring in a live horse and handler and have a photographer snap pictures and send guests home with the prints. If you can’t afford a live animal, a face-in-hole cutout will do just fine.

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