Here’s a riddle: What can simultaneously be fifty feet tall and fit in your pocket? What can be seen but not felt, and can take any shape while having no form itself? The answer: lighting. Lighting can turn event spaces into colorful worlds aglow with the flip of a switch. It comes in an endless array of colors, forms, and styles. And it can be quite the bang for your event planning buck. Here’s your crash course.

Change the color of the room.

pink bulb lighting decor

There are many ways to cover a venue in color: rented curtains, painted backdrops, and palette-appropriate props. But none are as instantaneous or affordable as lighting. Using uplighting to wash walls and ceilings in color adds changes the color of space with the flip of a switch.

Project instant patterns.

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stained glass lighting decor

If you’re renting a venue with more blank space than you’d prefer, you’ll soon be grateful for the stencil. Metal stencils can turn projected light into a number of different patterns, from snowflakes to windows and everything in between.

Establish a zone.

elegant indoor lighting decor

The patio light craze is a well-deserved one. String lights can give open areas a sense of place, breaking large rooms into smaller ones, or even establishing roof structure where one doesn’t exist. And simple piping is all that’s required to establish a form for the lights to adhere to.

Beacon your guests from afar.

rentable stage lighting

For a party seen the city over, rent powerful searchlights to scan the skies above your venue and give your guests a North Star to navigate towards. As invitees approach, the lights will grow brighter and their anticipation, stronger.

Illuminate a logo.

flash lighting decor

Looking to splash a logo or party theme above your entrance? Nothing’s faster than light. Full-color projectors can display animated logo treatments, or custom stencils can be crafted to project steady stamps of branding brilliance.

Vintage Lighting decor

Whatever you choose, delegate.

One of the great benefits of using lighting as decor is that it can be delegated with ease. Professional lighting companies know how to use light for anything you can dream up, what kind of power their equipment requires, and will even set up and tear down the lighting on event day. If you need to take something off of your event to-do list, this is the category to choose. Not sure who to call? Our professional event planners are connected to the city’s most talented lighting designers.