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Phoenix Virtual Reality Rentals, Events, Equipment, and Staffing

Virtual Reality is just beginning to take hold in a variety of industries. Unlike 3D movies, VR technology promises to be more than just a gimmick. Immersive, convincing experiences allow you to easily elicit emotions from participants. Virtual reality can be used to create an enjoyable experience, compete in a game, collaborate with a team, sell to a potential customer, or even facilitate better business operations. National Event Pros can be your partner simply to manage hardware installation and operation, or as engaged to develop a fully customized Virtual Reality experience. Glamour your guests, convince your clients, and collaborate with your coworkers—with a Virtual Reality event.

Bring VR to Your Next Event
Austin Virtual Reality Rental
Austin Virtual Reality Rental
Austin Virtual Reality Rental

Phoenix Creative Virtual Reality Experiences

Applying creativity to VR can take many forms. New artistic applications like Google Tilt Brush, combined with VR rentals, can allow participants to easily draw and model in three dimensions. A creative Virtual Reality experience can be developing a custom application that assists your customers in thinking about your business the same way you do—and helping them develop a passion and appreciation for your product. Imagine a virtualized cooking experience that lets your customers step foot into the kitchen, and cook one of your signature dishes, without ever needing to turn on a burner or scrub a pan. When we can create virtually, there are no limits to what can be accomplished.

Custom VR Rentals & Applications built for Phoenix Businesses

In an increasingly delocalized, digital society, businesses are constantly looking for ways to improve team collaboration. With new Virtual Reality technologies, while you are here in Phoenix, and your business partner is halfway across the world, you can work together in a virtual room to sample marketing plans for a brick and mortar store in a third location, or just hang out in the same room to discuss your companies next strategic move and pour over analytical data. Give your events unlimited potential—market, prospect, sell, deliver, and support, all in virtual reality.

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Virtual Reality Gaming rentals in Phoenix

Tap into people’s competitive nature in a totally new way. Gaming VR rentals have quickly become one of the most adapted uses of the new technology. Games are already designed to create three-dimensional environments in real-time, so it was an obvious growth area for the category. With Virtual Reality rental in Phoenix, you can bring racing games with full motion simulators, first person shooters, and more to your next event.

Phoenix Virtual Reality Theater

Virtual Reality Theaters allow for several participants to experience the same 360 movie at the same time. It’s like going to the movies together but sharing a much more “real” experience. Your event guests could experience the Grand Canyon first hand, or see an NFL practice through the eyes of an Arizona Cardinals Linebacker. Experience the virtual future.

4D motion virtual reality theater
Sit down, put on the 3D glasses, drop the lap bar and go on a wild ride in one of unique animation films. With wind blowing in your face, gentle water sprays and leg ticklers, all while the seat is rumbling.

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As always, Lance and crew were punctual, pleasant, hard working and a pleasure to spend the day with at out event! See you next year!
Tracy, Microsoft
You all did an awesome job team. Truly appreciate how professional you were before, during and after the event. I know our team appreciated all the work you put into making this event successful for our team. Thank you very much.
Chris, REI
Everything was great. Delivery guys were super friendly and everyone loved the games.
Laura, CBRE