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Los Angeles VR Equipment Rentals and Staffing

Virtual Reality is making huge (virtual) waves for organizations everywhere. Being deployed both as corporate productivity solutions and as a marketing tool, this new technology is becoming an integral part of business success. If you’ve identified an application of VR within your business, but aren’t sure on the next steps, National Event Pros can partner with you to deliver an incredible experience for your customers or employees. With a wide range of Virtual Reality equipment and applications, every event is different and requires expert staff to lead the way. We can help you identify what equipment you need and the best way to offer it.

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Austin Virtual Reality Rental
Austin Virtual Reality Rental
Austin Virtual Reality Rental

LA Virtual Reality Gaming Rentals

The most practical application for Virtual Reality today is in gaming. Video games inherently render experiences in 3D, which has made porting this engaging activity to VR a straightforward process. The result is a quickly growing library of Virtual Reality gaming experiences. VR Gaming is particularly effective in general event settings and in guest booth retention at conferences. So whether you are at the red carpet event for Hollywood’s latest blockbuster, or just trying to close the sale with a new customer, we can help you deploy a Virtual experience. As always, our VR experiences always include professional, technical staff for operating equipment at your event.

Design Creative VR Experiences

Virtual Reality has obliterated the barrier to creating and designing in three dimensions. This artistic capability was previously limited to people who spent years at art institutes or studying with expensive software and tutorials. Now, with applications like Google Tilt Brush, you can be immersed in 3D design and quickly create beautiful art. We’ve implemented the creative aspects of VR into games like “Virtual Reality Pictionary” that can help build relationships and grow teams.

Custom built VR applications for Business and Marketing

Virtual Reality is not just for gaming and the arts. A whole new generation of corporate leaders is looking into creative applications for this new technology. Marketing applications for VR extend beyond just catching someone’s attention at your convention booth. Imagine being a high-end boat salesman, and being able to tour your entire inventory with prospective clients from anywhere in the world. Another example, if you are responsible for designing the marketing for a global retail operation, being able to virtually visit every brick and mortar location with your management in order to approve the latest campaigns or retail layouts. We’ve partnered with incredible leaders in the Virtual Reality Development industry to be able to offer these custom applications.

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Virtual Reality Theaters in LA

Creating a new experience that many people can share together is sometimes viewed as the holy grail for events. By creating a memorable event, and sharing the experience with the other attendees, a lasting connection can be made between guests. Virtual Reality is certainly proving to be a top contender for facilitating these type of interactions. With a VR theater, it’s just like going to see a movie with your friends, except that this time, you all live the movie together, and are immersed in ways not previously possible.

4D motion virtual reality theater
Sit down, put on the 3D glasses, drop the lap bar and go on a wild ride in one of the unique animation films. With the wind blowing in your face, gentle water sprays and leg ticklers, all while the seat is rumbling.

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Your team was absolutely AMAZING! All of the staff was incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Everyone at the event loved each and every game and they were still talking about it at the office this morning. I couldn’t have managed such a successful event without NEP.
Kathleen, Salesforce
As always, Lance and crew were punctual, pleasant, hardworking and a pleasure to spend the day with at out event! See you next year!
Tracy, Microsoft
You all did an awesome job team. Truly appreciate how professional you were before, during and after the event. I know our team appreciated all the work you put into making this event successful for our team. Thank you very much.
Chris, REI