Spokane Food Trucks

Across the Cascades, along the Columbia River sits Spokane, Washington named by the Native American Tribe: Spokan which means “Children of the Sun”.

The city sees a much more diverse range of weather than it’s neighbor to the West: Seattle, ranging from snowy winters to hot Eastern Washington summers. Spokane showcases a juxtaposition being the state’s 2nd largest city while maintaining a relaxed midwest-mannered vibe.

The city is rich in historical significance, has a thriving local arts & music scene that grows stronger by the decade and a collection of dedicated foodies with a passion for showcasing the region’s farm-to-table lifestyle. Spokane, often overlooked by the tourists who frequent Seattle and Portland, has a unique food truck and restaurant scene that will make guests feel at home while also enjoying such a unique region of the Pacific Northwest.

Greenbluff Fresh Catering Co.

What’s To Eat? : Farm-to-table fresh food for the entire family to enjoy sourced from local Greenbluff farms.

Location: Greenbluff/Spokane Area

A husband and wife team creating delicious farm-to-table dishes featuring fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs, and wine from the local Greenbluff farming communities.

The Compass Breakfast Wagon

What’s To Eat? : Scratch-made food sourced from local Inland Northwest farms

Location: 10th & Maple Spokane, WA 99204

Since 2017 The Compass Breakfast Wagon has been serving up mouthwatering egg sandwiches with artisan bread and other breakfast favorites to pair with a strong cup of coffee and make the perfect start to any morning.

The Farmer’s Daughter

What’s To Eat? : Farm-to-table from scratch meals sourced from the local Ground Farm in Deer Park Spokane, WA.

Location: Deer Park & Greater Spokane Area

Jillian Gay, the creator of the Farmer’s Daughter food truck, graduated from Portland’s Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts and returned to her roots in Spokane, WA. The Farmer’s Daughter serves up farm-to-table favorites ranging from apple fritters, sandwiches, burgers, and breakfast staples like scratch-made biscuits and breakfast sandwiches.

Open Range Good Food Truck

What’s To Eat? : Barbeque enthusiasts rejoice! There is no shortage of flavorful and hearty dishes at the Open Range Good Food Truck.

Location: Greater Spokane Area

Created by the head honcho Bill Basham, The Open Range Good Food Truck features the best of barbeque, sandwiches, and gourmet plates.

Mangia Catering

What’s To Eat? : Woodfired Pizzas & Made to order menus for events.

Location: Liberty Lake, Washington & Greater Spokane Area

Mangia Catering has been serving up woodfired pizza and artisanal dishes for foodies and events since 2008 throughout the Liberty Lake and Greater Spokane area.


What’s To Eat? : Fresh seasonal street food & sandwiches.

Location: Greater Spokane Area, On-campus at Gonzaga University, Thursday Market Truck Rally, Spokane Valley Farmers Market, and more check the schedule for details.

Focused on creating fresh street food dishes centered around seasonal and local ingredients, The Crate food truck and catering features everything from bites to go to plated breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Skewers Food Truck

What’s To Eat? : #SpokaneHasShawarma is the motto at Skewers Food Truck and there is no shortage of Mediterranean favorites.

Location: The Greater Spokane Area, check the schedule for details.

Skewers Food Truck brings the best of Shawarma and Mederteranian cuisine to the greater Spokane area. Serving up favorites like ​Shawarma Beef/Lamb or Chicken, Soujoukh, ​Tabouleh, ​Boureg, ​Pakhlava, and more.