Baltimore Maryland cityscape

Welcome to Baltimore, Maryland

Earning the nicknames: ‘The Greatest City in America’ and ‘Charm City’ Baltimore, Maryland has so much to offer. Being the birthplace of the U.S. national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner”, as well as home to the historic Fort McHenry the city is steeped in historical significance and charm.

The Grand

Located in the heart of downtown Baltimore’s business district, The Grand spans over 45,000 square feet and boasts up to 19 enchanting ballrooms to choose from that span across five floors. The Grand is decked out with countless elegant marble staircases, stained glass windows, high ceilings, and so much more. The Grand can accommodate around a maximum of 325 guests and offers indoor seating, cleanup, event planning, lighting, and sound. An elegant and timeless venue for any occasion in Baltimore, The Grand is a great choice for those looking for something spectacular.

The 13th Floor

For elegance with, a modern edge look no further than The 13th Floor at The Belvedere. This rooftop bar and lounge sits atop the beautiful Belvedere Hotel right in the heart of downtown Baltimore. If you are looking for a great view then this venue is definitely one you should add to your list. The venue can host around 100 guests in a rehearsal dinner setting, and features a full restaurant and bar for guests to enjoy.

The 13th Floor Bar Baltimore
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The 13th Floor Venue Baltimore
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The Grand & Platinum Ballrooms

Of course one cannot mention Baltimore without exploring the rest of what the iconic Belvedere Hotel has to offer. The Grand Ballroom in particular according to The Hotel Belvedere, has hosted many historic events such as welcoming The Queen of Rumania to America in 1926, as well as serving as the place former US President Woodrow Wilson stayed for the Democratic National Convention in 1911 where he was nominated to run for president. It was also noted that The Grand Ballroom at The Belvedere Hotel was the famous author, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s favorite ballroom.

The Platinum Ballroom at The Hotel Belvedere is located on the twelfth floor in the East Wing of the hotel and offers up to 2,424 square feet.

Platinum Ballroom Baltimore
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Mobtown Ballroom

Located in Baltimore’s historic Pigtown, is The Mobtown Ballroom. What was originally a 19th-century church is now a fully functioning dance hall and venue with all the original historic Baltimore charm. One of the crowning features of this stunning venue is the 3,000 square-foot original oak dancefloor, a perfect centerpiece for any occasion.

The Owl Bar

An elegant and iconic local landmark, The Owl Bar is a great choice for those looking for a casual atmosphere full of that classic Baltimore charm. The history of The Owl Bar is a story that is especially unique.

The story according to The Owl Bar‘s website dates all the way back to December 14, 1903, when The Hotel Belvedere first opened. Some of the most influential people in the world flocked to The Belvedere Hotel including presidents, movie stars, world leaders, gangsters, and inventors.

The Owl Bar’s stained glass features a quote from a famous Prohibition-era nursery rhyme that reads “ A wise old owl sat on an oak / the more he saw the less he spoke The less he spoke the more he heard / why can’t we all be like that wise old bird?”

The Belvedere

As previously mentioned The Belvedere Hotel is a venue that holds some of Baltimore’s best stories as well as parts of our nation’s history. Aside from the hotel itself, there are many venue options that the Belvedere has to offer from the previously mentioned Platinum and Grand Ballrooms, The 13th Floor, The Owl Bar, as well as The Palm Ballroom, The Charles Ballroom, and The John Eager Howard Ballroom.

Power Plant Live

A little different from the other venues on this list is Power Plant Live located around Baltimore’s Inner Harbor area. Power Plant Live is made up a series of music venues, bars, nightclubs, and restaurants that come together and create one immersive experience perfect for casual get-togethers, launch parties, sporting events, and more.

Corradetti Glassblowing Studio & Gallery

Located in the Druid Hill Park area of Baltimore is the unique and hands-on Corradetti Glassblowing Studio & Gallery. The venue itself is a one-of-a-kind glass blowing gallery and workshop where guests can partake in workshops, enjoy one-of-a-kind glass works on display, or host their very own event in the unique space.