We love what we do. As event planners, we get to craft incredible experiences for groups of all sizes. But do you need to hire an event planner?

If you’re on the fence, here are 5 reasons you shouldn’t hire professional help for your event.

1. You have plenty of free time

Planning events takes time and a lot of it. Much of it can get wasted on unnecessary tasks when you don’t plan events regularly.

Experienced event planners save you time by completing the work that needs to be done, and by being able to prioritize what is important.

If you’re not an event planner, your time is probably more valuable doing other things.

2. Your budget is practically bottomless

Keeping an event’s budget in check is always a challenge. When you factor in things like the venue, food, drink, activities and more, costs add up quickly.

An event planner will help you cut costs where needed. They’ll know your budget, as well as what the most important parts of your event are, and will maximize every dollar. As a bonus, their relationships with vendors can lead to discounts.

Traditional logic dictates that hiring an event planner will cost you money. However, in some cases hiring them will actually pay for their services in what you save!

3. You’re already best friends with all the best vendors

Getting the right vendors with a spotless reputation can be difficult. Online reviews are a good tool, but they can be manipulated.

Event planners have extensive lists of vendors they’ve successfully worked with. They also know which vendors match up with specific types of events.

4. You can memorize 100+ details with ease

Planning an event requires tracking hundreds of details. Event planners have systems and experience to do that, and to remember details you may not have even considered.

5. You’ve made lots of mistakes planning events and learned from them so they won’t happen again

Past mistakes are what makes event planners great at their jobs. Suddenly raining at an outdoor event? They’ve planned for that. Sound system went out right before the big speech? Event planners will be ready with a backup plan.

If you’re considering hiring an event planner, most professionals should offer a complimentary conversation to see if they’re a good fit. Feel free to reach out to us if you’d like to start a discussion. Still, want to plan your own event? Check out our Master Event Planning Checklist.