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Summer Picnic

Dusty wicker basket, meet the giant chess board.

You’d assume from the phrase, “it’s no picnic,” that planning a picnic would be an easy affair. Newsflash: it’s not. Let’s put it this way: planning a picnic ain’t no picnic.

As an event planning service based in Seattle, Washington, we’ve spent years planning epic summer picnics for corporate clients like Microsoft and Amazon. Our philosophy: think big, and feed well. Here are a few ideas—and snapshots—from our summer lovin’ memory bank.

It’s playtime.

Goodbye, dignity. Hello, fun. This is Donut-on-a-String.

Goodbye, dignity. Hello, fun. This is Donut-on-a-String.

Our advice: leave the fancy chitchat to the formal dinners. This is your opportunity to treat your employees, customers, or friends to FUN! Plan some icebreaker games, like these from

  • Three-Legged Race
  • Fill-It Water Race
  • Bobbing for Coins
  • Sponge Race

Have a ball! (Or a slide.)

There’s one thing in particular that you can offer your guests that no family picnic can: BIG toys. Aunt Sue may not have the budget for inflatable hamster balls, but if you do, we can tell you one thing: your guests will thank you. Here are a few of our favorite rentals for outdoor picnics.

Hamster Balls Rental
Dunk Tank
Monster Trikes
Giant Connect Four
Frisbee Golf

What swimsuit season? It’s due time for a feast.

Summer picnics come with one expectation: fun food. While there’s no need to be fancy, there are a couple of ways to deliver unexpected delight to your picnic-goers.

One idea: reinvent traditional picnic foods like hamburgers and hot dogs by taking them to a new level, pre-made for your hungry guests

Another angle: Let your guests craft their meals themselves, but with elevated, creative ingredients.

Or, take your food show on the road with a food truck. Not only do food trucks tend to be affordable, but they can pull up to most any location and serve hot, fresh food in quantity.

Now that’s a picnic we’d want to be invited to.

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