ruby slippers in The Wizard of Oz
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Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue. And events are magical. A Wizard of Oz themed party opens the door to a myriad of spectacular options for catering, decor, and entertainment. Here are a few of our favorite Oz-themed touches:

Yellow Brick Road

Yellow Brick Road in The Wizard of Oz

To guide guests from the parking lot to the party entrance, lay out a yellow brick road. This could be accomplished in a number of ways, from a simple yellow or gold outdoor rug to sidewalk paint, or physical painted bricks.

From Black & White to Living Color

Dorothy singing Over the Rainbow with Toto in The Wizard of Oz

Picture this: your guests arrive to your party through a black & white entrance. Everything is grayscale; not a shred of color is visible to the eye. They retrieve their drink tickets, then enter through a corridor, after which color is restored and a vibrant palette of bright, whimsical decor takes over.

Welcome them to Oz

hot air balloon in the Emerald City in The Wizard of Oz

At the center of your event space, Oz is revealed. Remember, it was called the Emerald City for a reason. Greenify everything. Green walls, green uplighting, and green table linens. Ask guests to dress in all green for a truly Emerald effect.

Decorate with Whimsy

Oz is not for the faint of heart. The only limit to decorating for a Wizard-themed party is your imagination. Install a giant balloon arch in rainbow colors!

rainbow balloon arch

Decorate with large lollipops as signage!

Munchkins presenting a lollipop in The Wizard of Oz

Hire actors (or the boss) to dress in character!

Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, Dorothy, and Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz

The Right Vendors for the Occasion

Time to bring in some outside support? Consider balloon twisters and dreamy concessions. Ask your event planner for recommended vendors, then give them this simple advice: what would you serve in Oz?