Snow Globe Rental
The Mersey Beatles

Picture a snow globe so large, you could fit inside. What would your world contain? A wintry wonderland? A subsea marine world? Well, such a snow globe actually exists. Actually, make that two; a fifteen-foot snow globe and a twelve-foot version. These inflatable spheres are as close to blank canvases as exist in the world of event rentals, and innovative uses for them abound. Here are a few of our favorites.

Giant Snow Globe Rental

The North Pole

Let’s start with the obvious. The most frequent use for our inflatable snow globes is undoubtedly the holiday party photo op. After all, who isn’t looking for the perfect holiday card photo?

Treasure Hunt Items

Blindfolded Treasure Hunt

This is one giveaway that even the losers can enjoy! Randomly drawn the names of three guests at a time to get 60 seconds in a sphere of buried treasure. The only catch? They’re blindfolded, and onlookers are not.

Underwater Snow Globe

Mermaid Habitat

Think summertime puts our snow globes to rest? Think again. A trip under the sea is just a step away with the help of a mermaid and a few of her friends from the ocean floor.

Glass Terrarium Display

World’s Largest Terrarium

Millennials love their minimally watered desk plants. Make a party out of the potted specimens and create one so big it puts all others to shame.

snowglobe photo booth

City Skyline

Hosting an event for the city? Create a scaled-down version of your skyline for your very own local snowglobe. The mayor’s desk is about to welcome a new picture frame.