zombie makeup
Photo by Andrew Blight

“That party was dead.”

Few occasions can be successfully described as such, but a zombie apocalypse-themed gathering is one such occasion. Zombies have made their way through culture, from sci-fi novels to television and cinema. Now, they’re coming to your party. But how?

A costume party or no party at all.

zombie costume
Image by Dandelion Soup

Here’s the biggest question to ask: is your guest list up for an involved costume assignment? If not, choose another theme. But if your crowd is a particularly theatrical, creative, or just plain festive one, a zombie dress code can be quite memorable.

An awful sight for a good cause.

zombie costume at a charity run
Image by Ted Murphy

This theme is one that especially fitting for an event vision that stands in contrast to it. A charitable run, for example. Without an uplifting occasion, a bunch of people morbidly dressed can be a bit of a downer. We’ve seen some excellent zombie-themed races that invite bystanders to play along, like a haunted house on pavement.

Keep the theme alive dead with décor and rentals.

It’s actually easier than you’d think to accessorize an apocalyptic party. Pretty much anything that could fit in a Halloween party can be repurposed here. (75% off Halloween décor in November, anyone?) Another way to infuse some drama into the occasion is with inflatables.

Even the fan-favorite Bumper Balls will be relevant if featured with confidence.

Bumper Balls rental

Because there’s nothing like a bunch of dead-people-walking falling over walls, rent an inflatable obstacle course to entertain the (un)lively bunch.

Black Ops obstacle course rental

If you’re putting on a race, as we mentioned, install a black tent as the starting point or finishing line, filling it with fog machines for a spooky send-off.

fog machine
Photo by U.S. Naval Forces Central Command/U.S. Fifth Fleet

Catering: Blood & Guts, Anyone?

fake zombie intestines party food

The menu for a zombie party is less about pleasing the taste buds and more about tricking the eye. Think spaghetti and tomato sauce served from brain-shaped bowls. Or candy bugs crawling from an Oreo dirt-filled coffin. Put on your creepiest chef’s hat, and you’ll have your guests shrieking with glee.

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