The Gig Economy has redefined the modern workplace in myriad categories. Workplace attire? PJ’s will do. Clocking in? Just make sure you respond to email. And meetings? Who needs ‘em. Among the changes brought by the work-from-home world is the challenge of creating shared moments among colleagues. Friday morning donuts just don’t have the same appeal when no one’s in the office. But with a bit of creativity, meaningful moments can be had–even in one’s PJs.
Our Solution? Party in a Box

Emails and Slack chats can get old fast. An in-person party is a sure way to cut through the digital noise, but that’s not realistic for all companies. Some work-from-home workforces are scattered across multiple states. A fabulous next-best thing? Something we call a party in a box. Set an all-hands meeting for an hour on a Friday afternoon. Then ship a box of party supplies to all of your employees, set to arrive on the same day, with a note that says, “Do not open until the meeting.” When everyone has gathered on the call, tell your employees to open their boxes. Inside, they’ll find snacks, beverages, and a gift. Possibilities for filling the box abound, but here are a few ideas:

DIY Terrarium Kit

succulents in glass terrarium
man assembling terrarium

A staple of the Instagram generation, terrariums are cute, desk-friendly potted plants that are also easy to make. Ship glass containers, plants, rocks, and decorative accessories, then tell your people to get crafty.

Product Debut Samples

If your company manufactures a product, consider debuting your latest line as a surprise for your employees. Receiving the first edition of a shoe, a line of snacks or a book will be a sure success.

Beer Flights

If state laws permit, have a social hour over Skype or conference call with the help of some local craft beers. Send a sample six-pack and let your team connect without an agenda.

Cookie Decorating Kit

gingerbread decorating supplies

What’s better than eating cookies? Decorating them too! A fabulous holiday-themed party box idea, a cookie decorating kit will have your team’s creativity and sweet tooth satisfied.

Skype Background Scenery Kit

photo backdrop
arts and craft supplies

All cable news stations have them: backgrounds for remote interviews. For teams that take to video calls frequently, give employees a chance to create a fun and colorful backdrop for their calls. A blank backdrop and art supplies is all that’s required to kick your Skype meetings up a notch.

Coloring Book Bonanza

adult coloring book

Let’s admit it: we all doodle during conference calls. Why not embrace it?! Adult coloring books abound today. Send a few with a set of nice markers and doodle away.