Ikea Place

Ikea has created a way to bring their products to consumers in a convenient and creative way with its augmented reality application: Ikea Place.

Much like the other applications in this breakdown Ikea Place allows users to explore Ikea’s real-life inventory of room decor and furniture products and place those products in a room scale version of their very own home using augmented reality and a smartphone camera.


Augmented reality has been a great way for brands to showcase products to consumer’s in convenient ways, but now with Volkswagen’s augmented reality experience users can explore the VW Golf from the palm of their hand.

No more going to the car dealership and looking at models and asking to see each car, consumers can now explore car models, colors, and styles all from the comfort of their own homes.

Vuforia Chalk

Vulforia Chalk is a platform designed to help business professionals across all industries utilize the ease and convenience of augmented reality to solve everyday issues, collaborate more efficiently with a team, communicate solutions in real time, and so much more.


Love changing up your look but don’t enjoy taking a trip to the mall? Don’t enjoy the process of trying on outfit after outfit? Timberland created an augmented reality experience that lets consumers window shop in a way that has never been done before.


Global cosmetics retailer Sephora has created an application much like L’Oréal’s Makeup Genius where users can test out makeup products from every brand that Sephora carries using face tracking smart filters and then users can select the products from the application and order them directly from the application online.

Google Measure

Google Measure is an augmented reality application for the modern times where one might not have the appropriate measuring stick or measuring tape on hand. Now those tools are in the palm of any smartphone user’s hand with Google Measure.

The Weather Channel

Checking the weather just got a whole lot more efficient with The Weather Channel’s use of augmented reality, conditions can now be showcased in an impressive visual representation before those weather conditions even occur with simulated augmented reality.