Makers Moment

Who doesn’t love a good DIY project? Get crafty with your attendees in a relevant way. Rather than hand out typical cause-promoting t-shirts, have your statement or logo printed simply in black on a white tee, then let visitors tie-dye a shirt to take home. And rather than give away a sample of your special chai mix or hand soap, let customers mix a batch according to your recipe and take it home with pride.

Register to Vote

Yes, there is a way to engage people in something timely, powerful, and civic without getting political. The answer? Registering to vote. Only a citizen can register themselves to vote, but anyone can point them in the right direction. Rules vary by state, so check out your state’s regulations here. You’ll take care of three things: associate your brand with a patriotic activity, further the cause of democracy, and give visitors a great reason to stop and chat.

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Virtual Reality

Hoping to share your vision of downtown with business owners? Want to communicate the reality of glacier melt? Bring people with you, virtually. Have a video team create a custom 3D video and rent a virtual reality system to display it without making a pricey investment. For many attendees, yours could be the first virtual reality experience they’ve had. All will leave with a better understanding of your vision.

Challenge A Record Holder

Do you sell a tennis racket, a specialty knife, or a golf club? Bring in a respected pro and let ambitious attendees test their skills against them. Whether its playing table tennis against a world record holder, shooting hoops with a Globetrotter or mincing onions with an acclaimed chef, laughs will fly, spectators will gather, and your product will be the center of attention.

Turn the Tables

Think of a typical use case for your product or service. Now, what’s the opposite of that? Turning the tables is a fabulous way to provide an experience that’s also a display of what you have to offer. What’s an example? One of the world’s leading stun gun manufacturers gave police officers the opportunity to be zapped by their product at a law enforcement convention. Believe it or not, the social pressure (and social media value) resulted in more than a few takers.

Phone Charging Station

Here’s a way to guarantee not one but TWO visits to your booth: offer complimentary phone charging. You can rig your own system or rent a turnkey phone charging station. Just make sure your security system is robust. If you’re rigging a system of your own, have a staff member record IDs when customers leave their gadgets and check again as they leave.

Sign the Petition

Make it a civic duty to come to your booth. Is there a cause that’s near and dear to your brand? Perhaps you’re an outdoor gear company that’s passionate about increasing funding for clean air and water, or a pet food company that wants to increase punishment on animal abuse. You’ll support a good cause while drawing like-minded people to your booth.

Claw Machine

Who among us didn’t fantasize in childhood about striking it rich in a pizza shop claw game? Infuse your booth with a dose of nostalgia and an opportunity to win with a claw machine. Why give away promotional items when you could make passers-by claw for them instead? Or, tell a story by filling the machine with contents that communicate a user experience, like red tape, paperwork, and legal fees to communicate the poor customer service of a competitor. Buried beneath it all, a surprise treasure.

Customize It

Sell shoes? Have a graffiti artist splash them with a custom color. Sell metal goods? Offer complimentary engraving while customers watch. The bottom line: if your exhibit rules allow you to sell product on site, don’t just offer a traditional retail experience. Delight your visitors with a customized product and a unique experience they can only find there.

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