7 DIY Decorations You Can Create Today

DIY Decorations, or do-it-yourself decorations, are trendier than ever. What started out as a way to save money has evolved into an art of its own. Many people prefer hand-made projects to store bought for their uniqueness, along with a genuine appreciation for the talent, skill and time that went into them.

With that spirit, we present 7 DIY decorations you can create for your next event.

1. Clothespin Photo Display

We’ve discussed how large items can be better for filling large spaces, but that doesn’t always work. This display allows you to decorate a large area with smaller photos. It draws people in and invites engagement. If your event is a fundraiser, they could be images for sale. We’ve seen this at elementary school auctions with photos of the students.

You can create this with standard clothes pins, but here’s the link if you’d like to try it with LEDs.

ALTERNATIVE IDEA: Have it empty and add Polaroids from your event as the night went on!

2. Golf Centerpieces

Whether it’s a golf-themed event or simply a fundraiser at a golf course, these centerpieces are perfect. Simply fill the base of any vase or pot with clean golf balls and then stack a plant or flowers above it, wrapped in burlap if necessary.

3. Floating Flowers

Any decor that draws your guests in for a closer look is perfect, and that’s just what will happen with this display. Instructions are in the caption.

4. Affordable Centerpieces

Centerpieces are your guests’ first impression when they sit down. This YouTuber shows how to make 3 different ones using items from the dollar store.

5. Yarn Chandeliers

If you love to be asked how you made something, this is the project for you. Watch as Chelsea shows you how to create these yarn chandeliers:

6. Ladders As Shelving

If you have lots of things to display but not enough space for extra tables, ladders work great for decor! I’ve even seen them decorated like Christmas trees with lights wrapped around them. You probably want an old wood ladder for this, rather than a shiny blue one from Home Depot.

7. Pouring Paint

No special instructions here, just a spectacular way to add colors to any event. Simply suspend paint cans and then attach fabric so it “pours” down on the tables. Bonus points if the fabric matches the tablecloth below it.

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