Robert Duffy, CEO, and Co-Founder of Ship On Day One (SODO) sat down with our very own Lance Salisbury to take a deep dive in where events can intersect with creating more engagement with developers in an organization as well as potential developers for an organization.

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With the escalating competition for talent many tech companies big and small look to new ways in recruiting and sourcing talent, one of those ways being throwing interesting, impactful, and engaging corporate events.

Whether your organization has the budget to rent out a glamorous venue with incredible views to entertain guests with, or you deck out your office in a new and creative theme, there are endless and cost-efficient ways of throwing events for your organization that will draw in guests and create memories that will last well beyond the event. Creating meaningful shared experiences with employees as well as potential employees is a huge win and investment for your internal recruitment as well as a good investment in cultivating an engaged and fun company culture that is inclusive.

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A good company event is not just an investment in your company culture but its an investment in your brand and reputation as an employer.

So with this, let your creativity and our curiosity steer you in the right direction and bring new and exciting experiences to the table at your next event, whatever the occasion. Whether it’s your next hackathon, an open house, your company’s holiday or post-holiday party, or your very own hiring event, you can be the ones to take back control of your relationship with the applicant pool.

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There are limitless possibilities to taking your event to the next level from creating a retro arcade, bringing the latest greatest in virtual reality, live entertainment, catering, and so much more.