RecRoom VR

Rec Room VR is an interesting take on the online multiplayer experience and virtual reality gaming, as it presents a hybrid MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) and RPG (Role Playing Game) inspired experience.

This is a great game to showcase at an event where players can see first hand the social side of virtual reality gaming. With many creative hands-on activities and features to personalize, Rec Room VR is another great pic for family-friendly and kid-friendly events.

Tabletop Simulator VR

Tabletop Simulator VR, originally released in 2015 got a virtual reality update in 2016 that now allows players to enjoy all the beloved classic card and board games in fully immersive virtual reality.

This game is a great addition to any event because unlike most virtual reality games on this list, Tabletop Simulator offers a wide variety of familiar card games and board games ranging from chess to checkers so attendees will have no problems adapting to the game itself.

Players can compete against each other like they would in the traditional format of this game bringing old skills to a new experience for all event attendees.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Star Trek fans rejoice! Star Trek Bridge Crew VR offers a fully immersive multiplayer experience where players can join the adventure and take roles on the crew and fulfill missions just like in Star Trek.

This virtual reality experience is a must for any Star-trek or space themed event as well as a great addition to any family friendly or kid-friendly event that needs a touch of nostalgia and adventure.

Echo Arena (+ Echo Combat)

Echo Combat offers a virtual reality shooter experience from the future. This Multiplayer game is great for those who love the mix of sci-fi and first-person shooter games and is a great addition to any gaming lounge at an event or as a stand-alone virtual reality addition to any space or sci-fi themed event.

Sports Bar VR

Sports Bar VR is the ideal multiplayer experience for anyone who adores the atmosphere of their favorite sports bar or beer hall. The game includes a multiplayer compatible version of all the sports bar stables including shooting pool with friends.

This virtual reality game is the perfect addition to any beer garden at an event or gaming lounge that needs a high tech twist on the classics.

Wands VR

For those who have ever wondered what it would be like to play with magic, Wands VR offers an incredibly captivating multiplayer experience where players can take part in missions, cast spells, and event battle one another in the fully immersive world of Wands VR.

This is another great addition to any whimsical kid-friendly or family-friendly event or any event that needs a touch of magic and sorcery.