Fruit Ninja VR

One of the first big releases in virtual reality gaming was Fruit Ninja VR and Fruit Ninja still remains one of the best games for group experiences and events because there is no other virtual reality quite like it.

Players can slice and dice the falling fruit and rack up points all while avoiding the falling bombs. This family-friendly game is perfect for video game lovers, beginners, and everyone in between.

Google Tilt Brush

Experience a room scale 3D painting experience in first-person fully immersive virtual reality! Bring your drawings and artwork to life in a whole new way only possible with the technology that virtual reality brings. Guests can choose from hundreds of colors and effects to bring their art to a larger than life scale for all to see.

The Google Tilt Brush is the only exception on this list where the technology itself was not created as a multiplayer experience but The Google Tilt Brush is one of the only pieces of virtual reality entertainment that can be used in such a diverse range of ways that there are multiplayer applications of the Tilt Brush like playing Pictionary with the Google Tilt Brush itself.

Zombie Training Simulator

Do you think you’re prepared for a zombie apocalypse? Now guests can prepare for the zombie invasion through the zombie training simulator. Guests can choose from various weapons, training scenarios, and sharpen their fighting and shooting skills throughout the game.

Event attendees can explore in story mode where players have to try to survive against the increasing hoards of zombies or play in speed mode and where players can test their zombie shooting accuracy. This game is the perfect stand-alone addition to any zombie apocalypse-themed event or in addition to a pop-up gaming lounge or arcade at an event.

EVE: Valkyrie

Enter the thrilling adrenaline pumping outer space universe of EVE: Valkyrie. Players can join in on the intense dogfighting warzone by first selecting an aircraft and then learning to take to the skies and shoot down enemy aircrafts with speed and precision.

Guests can choose from a single player first person virtual reality gaming experience or join in a multiplayer first-person virtual reality gaming experience.

NBA 2KVR Experience

Guests can put their basketball skills to the test and step onto the court in totally immersive first-person virtual reality. Players can explore the game in many ways, testing their shooting skills in the Three-Point Shootout mode where players can attempt to make as many three-point shots in the allotted time and rack up the highest score. Players can test their accuracy in the Skills Challenge mode where players need to dribble the ball through a series of obstacles and targets before trying to sink the ball into the hoop. In Buzzer Beater mode players must race against the clock and attempt to make as many baskets as possible using the balls around the court. Throughout the game players can improve their character’s accuracy, quickness, and stamina through finding and earning ‘Gatorade Boosts’. This game is the perfect addition to any sports themed event or any event that needs a sporty touch.

Project CARS