Save Money on Your Next Event

48. Don’t Bother With Special Glassware

Pick an all-purpose glass design and stick with it for all the beverage you’re offering. When you rent a variety of shapes and sizes, you end up ordering a lot more glasses per person than if you’d only used one type of glass

49. Shop At Warehouse Clubs If You’re Providing the Alcohol Yourself

If you’ve taken it upon yourself to shop for the alcohol, then do it at BJ’s or Sam’s or any other warehouse club in your neighborhood.

50. Go Generic Without the Guests Knowing

Ever tasted Costco’s `Kirkland’ store-brand vodka? It’s beaten popular brands in many blind tastings. the point is this: nobody needs to know what brand of liquor you’re using as long as the drinks come out tasting great. So research some generic brands. You can then ply guests with more booze at the event, spend less, and everybody’s happy.

Save Money On Your Next Event

51. Look At ‘Second Label’ Wines

Second wines began in Bordeaux in the 18th century, to sell all the wine that had not been chosen for the Chateau’s first label. Rather than sell it in bulk, the `second label’ allowed winemakers to bottle and sell this still very high-quality wine under their name and through their distribution channels. If you want to offer a selection of very good wines, the second label may just be the way to go.

52. Buying Alcohol Online? Don’t Forget `Free Shipping’

Don’t just put in the phrase “save money on whiskey” or “cheap California wine” in the Google search box. Add the phrase “free shipping” to your query. You want to save money, don’t you?

Save Money On Your Next Event

53. Use Apps to Get the Alcohol Price

Look at apps for iPhone and Android (like Checkout 51 and Feed App) to help you shop smart without having to do all the price comparisons yourself.

54. Organize the Event During Daytime

People tend to drink a lot less during daylight hours.