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VR Rental & Event Production in Austin

Want your event to be on the leading edge of technology? Look no further than Virtual Reality. With so many new VR applications and hardware, there are now countless opportunities to include this new interactive at your next event. Virtual Reality has the unique ability to create immersive experiences that your guests would otherwise not be able to enjoy. These experiences are shareable, as your patrons will discuss their individual encounters together, building team relationships and individual creativity.

Bring VR to Your Next Event
Austin Virtual Reality Rental
Austin Virtual Reality Rental
Austin Virtual Reality Rental

Austin Creative VR Experiences

One of the more interesting applications of VR today is the ability to easily create new art and content in three dimensions. Previously, this restricted to people with years of training and expensive software. By renting new software such as Google Tilt Brush, you can allow your Event guests to unlock their full creative potential. Doodle in three dimensions, mock up a new style on a mannequin or have team building competitions to see who can best recreate an item or scene in VR (think Pictionary!). However you choose to incorporate Virtual Reality Creativity into your Austin event, you’re sure to hear about how great it was from all your participating patrons.

Custom Virtual Reality Application for Austin Businesses

National Event Pros has partnered with a fantastic VR development firm that specializes in Marketing and Business applications for Virtual Reality. Sell potential clients by creating unique experiences that immersively demonstrate your product in ways that simply weren’t possible before. Hook your trade show booth visitor in with a thrilling moment that keeps them there a little longer than they otherwise would beā€”long enough to get their contact information or build a real relationship. If you are looking for something used internally, create new collaboration channels that allow for multiple Geographies to interact and make decisions in the same virtual space while separated by thousands of miles.

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Austin VR Gaming Rentals

Perhaps one of the most laid back, but enjoyable applications of Virtual Reality is gaming. Games, already capable of rendering complex environments in 3 dimensions, are quickly being adapted to all different kinds of virtual reality devices. Now you can truly slaughter zombie hordes in the first person, or experience driving Formula One racing with full motion Simulator VR rentals. Whatever gaming experience you are looking to enjoy, National Event Pros is sure to be able to provide.

Virtual Reality Theaters in Austin

Sometimes, you just want your guests to be able to experience a 360 movie or a unique event together. Work with our production team to create custom Virtual Reality movie entertainment. See what it’s like to throw a pitch from the perspective of a Texas Rangers pitcher, or take a virtual tour of Austin’s greatest landmarks and geographical features.

Gaming Room Blackout Tent

Gaming Room Blackout Tent

This blackout tent can be used indoors or outdoors and be configured with an unlimited variety of arcade games, television screens, and game consoles.

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video game rental trailer
Sit down, put on the 3D glasses, drop the lap bar and go on a wild ride in one of the unique animation films. With the wind blowing in your face, gentle water sprays and leg ticklers, all while the seat is rumbling.

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As always, Lance and crew were punctual, pleasant, hardworking and a pleasure to spend the day with at out event! See you next year!
Tracy, Microsoft
You all did an awesome job team. Truly appreciate how professional you were before, during and after the event. I know our team appreciated all the work you put into making this event successful for our team. Thank you very much.
Chris, REI
Everything was great. Delivery guys were super friendly and everyone loved the games.
Laura, CBRE